Archive for The Silvaria Castle Forum 

Starting Up..
Moving Along Slowly..
Starting comments and whatnots related to the beginning of this project.
Here you can post your applications for membership to Silvaria. (Inside is the application template.)
Character Sheets
Members post their character sheets in this forum for all to see. Including detailed descriptions up to history/backstories. REQUIRED.
Ruleset for the dream. (Coming soon) Edits and changes to be added at will with proper explainations to amendments.
Bulletin Board
This bulletin board is displayed in the Great Hall for all the public to see. IC announcements go here.
Foreign Relations
Requests for or suggestions related to establishing alliances with other nations.
Important Notices
Announcements about updates and such go here. Be sure to check often!
Site/Forum/Dream Comment Box
Got a suggestion about, well, pretty much anything? Here's your place.
Plotline Suggestions
Here you can discuss with other members potential plotlines for your personal character or plotlines that would the affect the dream in its entirety.
General OOC
Basically an anything goes board, anyone can post anything OOC such as music, jokes, or even random musings.
Just a way for people to announce that they (and/or their characters) are going to be gone for a while, but will be back.
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